DIY: Gift Wrapping

Index Book

16.95 €

First title from the new collection DIY, Do It Yourself, about wrapping. Organised into four chapters: Wrapping Paper, Boxes & Envelopes, Bows and Wrap, they will show the final product as well as step by step images of the entire process.

Green Graphics

Vicky Eckert

40 €

Green Graphics offer us more than 150 projects from more than 23 different countries related to the environment and global warming.

Pack Bag Octaviat

14 €

Quimera Collection || MyStuff is a new brand that include stationery products, gift items and fashion accessories.

1 Bag Octaviat
1 Blocknotes Octaviat
1 Pencil Octaviat

DIY: Create your own jungle

Index Book

16.95 €

Tempus Fugit - Los mejores diseños de calendarios

Bildi Grafiks

48 €

A visual feast exploring the concept of time. 2010 Red Dot Design Award winning book.



29 €

The Spanish chapter of the Society for News Design (SND-E) has published its eighth volume of ÑH The Best in Journalistic Design from Spain and Portugal 2011, with the winners, finalists and all of the awards given: 27 gold medals, 50 silver medals and almost 100 special mentions, in the categories ...

500 trucos, sugerencias y técnicas de internet

Dan Oliver

19 €


15 €

500 Internet hints is the essential companion for anyone who wants to use the internet to its full potential.



29 €

The best of newspaper design in Spain and Portugal in 2010.

Peepshow Collective


29 €

This book is a chance to delve into the Peepshow imagination, scanning collective and individual work from the past decade and glimpsing future directions. It’s also a rare chance to see behind the pixels, an interview with all of Peepshow’s members offering their take on where they start, when ...


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