Two Wheels - Chains, Sprockets & Design

Index Book

25 €

This book explores the rise of this phenomenon, and gives a look at the design side of cycling – in the bicycles themselves, and in related products and cycling-inspired materials.

Spectrum A Book Full of Colour

Index Book

28 €

This collection attempts to compile a group of art and design projects of various types that show an effective, innovative use of colour, showing the meaningful effect it can have when employed with care.


Laia Blasco

29 €

Onprint is a visual and practical guide to the print graphic production process. This book also discusses the present-day meeting point between print and digital publication.

Pack Trucos de Web e Internet

Varios Autores

53 €


19.90 €

Pack containing: 500 trucos, técnicas y sugerencias para web y 500 trucos, técnicas y sugerencias de Internet

DIY: Créer votre propre jungle

Index Book

16.95 €

Upcycling. Decora tu casa dando nueva vida a objetos cotidianos.

Handy Books

16.95 €

The book shows you how you can add a personal, creative touch to your surroundings by using things that might otherwise be recycled or thrown away.

Pack pencil Wheelson

5.5 €

Quimera Collection || MyStuff is a new brand that include stationery products, gift items and fashion accessories.

1 Pencil Wheelson
1 Eraser Wheelson
1 Page marker Wheelson

Diseño de la Noticia 2008-2010

Cases i Associats

45 €

This book revisits some of the most significant projects undertaken by Cases i Associats.


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