Pack Cuadernos

Index Book

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24 €

Oferta especial 4x1 que contiene CUADERNOS 01 El diseño: ¿calidad o cantidad?, CUADERNOS 02 Branding: ¿estilo local o globalización?, CUADERNOS 03 La estructura: ¿diseñar o delegar? y CUADERNOS 04 Premios, concursos, exposiciones y otros. ¿Sirven para algo?

Uncredited (2ª ed. Castellano)

Gemma Solana

55 €


20 €

Graphic design and opening titles in movies.

Pioneros del Diseño Gráfico en España

Emilio Gil

45 €

The first monographic book published in Spain featuring, through almost 1,000 images, the brilliance and excellence of 15 Spanish graphic artists from the period between 1939-1975.

Cut out for collage

Index Book

30 €

Collage is a truly contemporary artistic media; fragmented, hypnotic and surrealistic, it seems to be the perfect technique to symbolize the complexity that surrounds us. This book brings together a collection of works that push the boundaries of what we consider collage.

Typodarium 2014

Lars Harmsen

16.80 €

Typodarium 2014 is the daily typography dose. A tear-off calendar, just like the one our grandma used to hang in the kitchen.

Behind Illustrations 2

Index Book

30 €

Behind Illustrations 2 is the second volume to the original Behind Illustrations. Behind Illustrations showed the work of 40 illustrators from all over the world with very distinct styles and techniques. Each artist had 8 pages that showed some of the their work, as well as a text that explores the ...

Pack Bag Octaviat

14 €

Quimera Collection || MyStuff is a new brand that include stationery products, gift items and fashion accessories.

1 Bag Octaviat
1 Blocknotes Octaviat
1 Pencil Octaviat

Pack Basic Type + Basic Sign

Index Book

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49 €

Green Graphics

Vicky Eckert

40 €

Green Graphics offer us more than 150 projects from more than 23 different countries related to the environment and global warming.



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