DIY: Ideas para envolver tus regalos

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16.95 €

First title from the new collection DIY, Do It Yourself, about wrapping. Organised into four chapters: Wrapping Paper, Boxes & Envelopes, Bows and Wrap, they will show the final product as well as step by step images of the entire process.

On Board - Graphics in Boarding Culture

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28 €

OnBoard brings together a wide range of images and displays them here, featuring a unique and highly visual format. The boards take center stage, as if framed, and create an exhibition of design.

Bestiary. Inspiring animals by inspired artists

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25 €

Animals have long been a source of inspiration in the worlds of design and decorative arts. Whether a classic leopard print, or a stylised sculpture, animals provide a rich and vibrant focus for design projects.


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18 €

The language of symbols is universal, unambiguos and intelligible in every region and culture. Featuring more than 500 outstanding artworks and individual characters by 100 international artists, this book is giving insight to the current trends in figurative design.

Flower Power

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27 €

Flower Power aims to show innovative and fresh examples of these natural influences in contemporary design work.

Idees Creatives pour de beaux emballages cadeaux

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16.95 €

Dans cet ouvrage, vous trouverez les conseils de base pour créer toute une gamme d’emballages cadeaux.

Logobook (Paperback)

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29 €

LogoBook (paperback) aims to be a compilation of logos with added content: the visualisation of the creative process and a deeper understanding of this visual symbol.

Behind Illustrations

Index Book

30 €

Behind Illustrations is a compendium that presents the current panorama of illustration, with a range of illustrations with great visual diversity. Each artist has a space at their disposal where they can reflect upon their own work, which reveals the person behind each style and project, providing ...

Selected Europe Visual Inspiration from Bilbao

29 €


20 €

The book "Selected Europe. Visual inspiration from Bilbao" is a selection of artists and designers whose projects contribute to shaping the European visual scenario, by serving as references for visual inspiration.

Produced With Love

Index Book

33 €

This book collects a series of different works that are exactly this, the kind of design is more than a mere product. The book is divided into chapters according to the type of work, with categories such as ink, typography, paper, format and materials. This book celebrates design that represents ...


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