Behind Illustrations

Index Book

30 €

Behind Illustrations is a compendium that presents the current panorama of illustration, with a range of illustrations with great visual diversity. Each artist has a space at their disposal where they can reflect upon their own work, which reveals the person behind each style and project, providing ...

Extraordinary - From everyday objects to art

Index Book

32 €

A plastic cup, an egg, a coin, a pencil. These are objects that pass through our hands everyday; we consider them to be simply tools for our everyday needs. It wouldn’t occur to us to try and use these objects for more artistic purposes, yet this book features artists who have done exactly that.

Design at your service

Xènia Viladàs

20 €

The aim of this text is to at least stimulate interest among members of both groups: companies and entrepreneurs, who, hopefully, will have a clear idea of why, how and when a designer can help them improve their business idea after reading this.

Peepshow Collective


29 €

This book is a chance to delve into the Peepshow imagination, scanning collective and individual work from the past decade and glimpsing future directions. It’s also a rare chance to see behind the pixels, an interview with all of Peepshow’s members offering their take on where they start, when ...

Flower Power

Index Book

27 €

Flower Power aims to show innovative and fresh examples of these natural influences in contemporary design work.

Make Me Smile

Index Book

25 €

Make Me Smile is a book whose objective is to make the reader smile with each of the images that appear in its pages. Fun objects, humourous illustrations with a double meaning, crazy and unimaginable inventions, and provocative designs.

Festivals Graphics

Index Book

25 €

Festivals Graphics explores the use of graphic arts in festivals dedicated to music, design, dance, theatre, cinema and arts. It features 32 different festivals from all over the world, with a special section dedicated to celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sónar.

La reliure fait par toi même

Handy Books

16.95 €

Ce livre vous montre toutes les techniques et les astuces pour faire vos cahiers vous-même ainsi que différentes reliures originales et fonctionnelles.

Upcycling. Decora tu casa dando nueva vida a objetos cotidianos.

Handy Books

16.95 €

The book shows you how you can add a personal, creative touch to your surroundings by using things that might otherwise be recycled or thrown away.

Behind Illustrations 3

Index Book

33 €

Behind Illustrations 3 is the third volume to the original Behind Illustrations. This publication brings 34 more innovative and exciting illustrators to the forefront, and looks behind the work to give a deeper, more personal vision of the artist.


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